The world is dominated by control-ridden, power hungry older men (probably among the most hormonally damaged members of our society) who have set up structures to facilitate their schemes. Although the merits of these patriarchal structures could be called into question themselves, if they were filled instead with twenty-five year old women, a very different world would emerge. It is almost inconceivable that their decisions would lead to the ever-worsening levels of environmental destruction, the brutal outrage of war, and the threat of nuclear holocaust.
Tony Wright and Graham Gynn - Return to the Brain of Eden

We’re in the hands of real magicians here, and real magicians know that with symbols - with the right questions - they can lead you into initiating yourself. Provided that is, you are a person who asks questions. And if you are, then the minute you start asking questions about the pyramids you begin to stumble into a whole series of answers which lead to other questions, and then more answers until finally you initiate yourself.

They were sowing the seed. Believe me, they were magicians, and they knew th power of ideas. They knew how to set ideas growing and developing in people’s minds. And if you start with such ideas, and follow the process of reasoning like I did you arrive at things like Orion and 10,450 bc. In short , this is a process that works on its own. When it enters, when it settles into the subconscious, it is a self willing conversion. Once it’s there you can’t even resist it.

Even if the driver is no longer at the wheel, the Giza necropolis is still a machine that was designed to provoke questions. Look at its power, five thousand years on it still gets you. It involves you whether you like it or not. It forces you into a process of thinking. Forces you to learn. The minute you ask a question about it you’ve asked a question about geometry, youve asked a question about engineering, you’ve asked a question about astronomy. So it forces you to learn about engineering, geometry, and astronomy, and gradually you begin to realize how sophisticated it is, how incredibly clever and skilful and knowledgeable its builders must have been, which forces you to ask questions about mankind, about human history, eventually about yourself too. You want to find out. This is the power of the thing.

Robert Bauval on knowledge, Ancient Egypt and the Great Pyramid - Fingerprints of the Gods.

I think I found the term fitting so much of my favorite music.

Flux [noun] - A style of music featured in Ramez’s Naam near future sci-fi novel, Nexus. It is described as “electronic, and tribal, rhythmic and trancedelic. Compelling enough to dance to do, relaxed enough to not. Transfixing and organic”

I think I may have found a genre name for much of my favorite music.

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