I think I found the term fitting so much of my favorite music.

Flux [noun] - A style of music featured in Ramez’s Naam near future sci-fi novel, Nexus. It is described as “electronic, and tribal, rhythmic and trancedelic. Compelling enough to dance to do, relaxed enough to not. Transfixing and organic”

I think I may have found a genre name for much of my favorite music.

What’s YOUR Connection To Rainforest Destruction?

What would you do if you knew that rainforest destruction could be found in nearly every room of your home?

Rainforest destroying palm oil is an ingredient in roughly 50% of all packaged goods sold on grocery store shelves. It is used to make a wide variety of food products from cookies to breakfast cereals as well as cosmetics, soaps and detergents, and is largely responsible for the decimation of Indonesia’s precious endangered forests. In fact, the expansion of palm oil plantations is one of the biggest causes of rainforest destruction and carbon pollution in the world today.

We need these forests far more than we need palm oil. That’s a fact.

The infographic below shows exactly how pristine rainforests get turned into palm oil plantations, how they make their way onto our grocery store shelves and into our homes, and what we can do about it.

Until recently very few people had even heard of palm oil — much less understood its connection to deforestation, species extinction and climate change. As public awareness about the problem with palm oil gains momentum, agribusiness giants like Cargill are starting to feel the pressure to transform how business is done in the palm oil industry. But the truth is, most people still have no idea that a huge percentage of the products they bring into their homes contain palm oil connected to the destruction of rainforests.

Knowledge is power. Please share this infographic with your friends and family so we can build the necessary consumer demand for change. Email it, blog it, tweet itFacebook it. Thank you.

We may live in one crazy society, but let’s not forget that we’ve come a long way in the last century.

For example, in 1850 the New Orleans Medical & Surgical Journal declared masturbation public enemy number one, warning: “Neither plague, nor war, nor smallpox, nor a crowd of similar evils, have resulted more disastrously for humanity than the habit of masturbation: it is the destroying element of civilized society.” People were warned that masturbation was not only sinful, but extremely dangerous, and would surely result in sever health consequences including blindness, infertility, and insanity.

I may encounter news stations running a story about NJ’s oldest squirrel for an entire day, but at least they’re not trying to me that self-gratifying sexual pleasure will result in blindness.

In Muslim belief in order to get to truth and to enlightenment, the seeker must first cross the Bridge of Sirat. The bridge is described as a narrow as a razor’s edge and if one were to fall, on one side lies the chasm of credulity while on the other side lies the abyss of skepticism.

I’d say it’s a pretty good metaphor for walking a sincere path. Always keep an open mind, but never be too willing to believe or accept anything.

There are certain indigenous societies in South America in which the communities believe that a child can have more than one father. The women will typically seek out sex with an assortment of men in order to gain “contributions” from the strongest, most charismatic, best-looking, and most intelligent members of the tribe, in hopes that the child will absorb aspects from each.

Many in our society would see this as ridiculous, but it actually turns out the children benefit greatly from having more than one man occupying a special place in their lives. Their chances of survival are greater, they become adept in a greater number of life skills and often grow up at a significantly higher advantage than societies in which children grow up with just one father. In addition, jealousy is completely unheard of in these societies and on the contrary men often feel gratitude for other men who help to strengthen their families. In the worst case scenario, you know that if you were to die, there would be others who care for your family just as deeply as you do and would be there to provide for them. 

I’d say we could all learn a lot from these people.

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